NCL Privacy Policy

Our interaction with fans

Consent Only

Njugush Creatives Limted is an entertainment company registered in Kenya, and partners with Azahub Limited incorporated in the United States of America.

Njugush Creatives Limited runs a consent only platform where any interaction with our users is based on the consent they give to us.

This includes the right to communication via our channels (email and bulk sms)

Njugush Creatives Limited sells entertainment content where users pay a fee to get unique links to the content via email and SMS.

We do not send any other kind of email ie promotional or marketing to our fans.

We DO NOT share contacts collected with any third party for whatever reason.

We only send communication based on user initiation on the same.

We protect our fans information in a secure data center in New York.

For any more information on this please reach out to us via our or